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Policy and Procedures Manual



Acq. Catalog Database Phys. Qual. Ct. Serials Stats Other

i. Introduction

ii. Overview of CAP


Primary (numbered) headings contain policies and procedures. Subheadings (bulleted) contain instructions.


1. Acquisitions

      Order Creation Instructions (Conventional Orders)

      Order Creation Instructions (Automatically Yours)

      Naming Convention for Purchase Orders (.pdf)

     Loading Order Instructions

      Receiving Instructions

     Canceling Orders in Symphony

      Rollover Instructions

      Talking Book Replacement Instructions

      Creating a Vendor


      Northeast District Acquisitions Instructions


2.  Cataloging

        Adding Titles from CatExpress

      Brief Record Creation Instructions 

      Call Number Instructions

      CD Color Codes

      Default Prices for Library Materials

      Dewey Numbers Used for Music

      Genre Prefixes for Fiction

     Gift Cataloging Instructions

     Government Document Cataloging Instructions

     MARC Import Instructions

      Searching and Exporting Order Instructions

      Special Cataloging Scenarios

      Northeast District Cataloging Instructions


3. Database Management

       Import Instructions for 3rd Party Vendors

          Library Thing for Libraries Update Instructions

      LTI Authority Load Instructions

      Deleting OCLC Holdings

     Reports Glossary

4. Physical Processing and Mending  

      Color Codes and Bar codes

      Label Matching Instructions

      Lamination / Protection

      Processing Instructions by Format

      Mending Instructions

      Processing Northeast District Items

5. Quality Control, Checkout, and Delivery

      Quality Control Instructions

6. Serials Control

     Serial Record Checklist

Serials Holdings Workform (.pdf)

  Serials Control Creation Instructions

  Serials Receiving Instructions

  Serials Physical Processing Instructions

  Checkin Problem Form (.pdf)

  Serials Problems and Resolutions

7.  Statistics

8. Workflow

9. Miscellaneous

    AccessPA Export Instructions

    Bill Scanning Instructions


    Brief Record Creation Instructions for Community Libraries

    Checking Invoices for Adult / Juv Breakdown

    Chris's Transfer Holds Cheat Sheet

       Community Partner Instructions

    Discarding Instructions

    Discarding Instructions (Albright Reference)

    Discard Instructions (Govdocs)

    Displaying/Indexing MARC Fields in Symphony

    Gift Acceptance Guidelines (.pdf)

    "Items Sent to Tech Services" Forms

    "Items Sent to Tech Services from Reference" Worksheet (.pdf)

       OCLC Bibliographic Formats and Standards

    Printing Labels

    Recent CAP Changes

    Symphony Item Types