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Adding Titles from CatExpress


This occurs most often with Gifts and Direct orders.  

1.     1. After searching Unicorn and determining that the item is not in the local system, go to:


and log into CatExpress using your 9 digit authorization # and password. 



2. When you are in CatExpress, choose the Express tab and search for the item in hand:


If there are several hits, you’ll get a list:



3. You may view the items by clicking on the titles.  This is what the record view looks like:




4. If you are certain that is the record you want, Save it to Catalog.  This will update our OCLC holdings and save the record for export.



5. You will get a note that the record has been successfully saved.



6. You may then do a new search.  Once you are done with an order, and have Saved all The Records to Catalog, you may Download Export Files.

In the other options tab, choose Download Export Files.



7. This will bring up a list of files, the newest file will be on top and it will say Not Downloaded.  If multiple people are working in OCLC, please check for your Authorization Number. Check that desired file and select Download.



8. This will save the file to your computer. 


9. Once the file is saved to your computer, go to Symphony and import the file. Unless the item is a government document, call the destination file cat.dat. If the item is not a government document. call the destination file govdoc.dat. Click on Import. 


10.  Then, go to Symphony  to Schedule New Reports

Set up and Schedule BibloadCAT report for the library you are working with. 


11. In the Load tab, select the cat.dat as File to Load:


12. And Run Now.

Once the report finishes, you have to add the item information.  Start by setting your library preferences in Call Number and Item Maintenance.


13. And do a General Keyword search for the title.  Add the item information.  You’ll have to fix the Call Number and Add item.


14. Then view the bib record in Modify Title for any editing.  Save and close.