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Cataloging Northeast District Items



NOTE: In these instructions, Tunkhannock is being used for example purposes only.


1. Follow normal CatExpress or Brief Record procedures for adding titles. However, use these Properties:


Home Location: TEMPSTOR

Item Type: UNKNOWN

Item Cat2: TUNK

Shadow Item



2. Add 852



Add 900 field



3. Go to Schedule New Reports. Under the Templates tab, Setup and Schedule the Labels Tunk (laser) report.



4. Click on Run Now.



5. Go to the Finished Reports wizard.



6. Print the labels using steps 8-10 of the normal procedures.




7. Now it is time to Export. In Schedule New Reports, go to the Bibliographic Tab and Set up and Schedule the Extract Keys for Marc Export report.




8. Under Item Selection, choose Item Category 2 TUNK and then click on Run Now.



9. Open the Marc Export Wizard.  Using the Gadget, save the files to the OCLC_Share / Tunkexport Folder using the naming convention TUNKexportDDMMYY.dat. Then, click on Export.




10. You will then need to delete the items from our catalog. Go to Schedule New Reports and Setup and Schedule the report called Remove TUNK. First (and this is important), run it with Update Database unchecked.  Check the finished report. Make sure only the records you want to be deleted will be removed.  If it is okay, run it again with the Update Database checked.