LCLS: CAP Manual: Discarding Instructions (for all locations except Albright Reference and Government Documents)



1. Search for item by title using Item Search and Display wizard.


2. In the All Volumes copy, highlight the copy you are working with and click on Display Vol/Copy.


3. Go to the Circ Info tab. All fields should say NONE. If there are ANY bills, charges, holds, or Intransit statements, they must be cleared before you can go any further.


4. Charge the item out to your Discard user:

            Abington Discard ABIDISCARD

            Bookmobile Discard BOODISCARD

            Carbondale Discard CARDISCARD

            Childrens Discard CHIDISCARD

            Dalton Discard DALDISCARD

            Green Ridge Discard GREDISCARD

            North Pocono Discard NPODISCARD

            Scranton Discard SCRDISCARD

            Taylor Discard TAYDISCARD

            Valley Discard VALDISCARD



5. If you encounter any errors or override messages, try to resolve them. DO NOT OVERRIDE!!!! If you cannot resolve them, send the item down to Tech Services for discarding.


6. Stamp the item on the top edge with the DISCARD stamp.


7. Render the barcode unreadable using a black marker or scissors.


8. Dispose of item.