LCLS: CAP Manual: Database Management


Ebscohost Import / Export

NOTE: This must be performed before the 8th of the month.


1. Go to


2. Customer ID: s5533195


3. Go to the Database Title Lists tab.


4. Under Masterfile Premiere (Full Text Only), click on the link to file f5h-ft.marc

5. Follow on-screen prompts to save the file. Save file into OCLC Export folder as ebsco.dat.

6. Open the MarcImport wizard.

7. Under the Import tab, select File Type: MARC.

8.  In the “Source” field, use the gadget to locate ebsco.dat in OCLC Export.

9. Call the Destination file ebsco.dat.

10. Click Import.

11. When asked if the diskette is ready, answer Yes.

12.  When asked if there are more files to download, answer No.  A word processing program on your PC will open with a report.

13. Biblooadebsco will run on the 8th. Please check it

14. Duplicate Discard Outdated Ebsco Records and run ASAP.