LCLS: CAP Manual: Cataloging:




1. Search CatExpress by Title.


2. Save to Catalog.


3. Download Export Files

Import: find the file and call the destination govdoc.dat



4. Open Schedule New Reports—Set up and Schedule BibloadCATGovDoc


5. Run Now.


6. Open Call Number & Item Maintenance—Search for each of the titles you just imported and replace the AUTO ID w/ the correct item ID. 


7. Return to Search and repeat for the whole order. 

If you are adding items to titles already in the system, set preferences for Call Number and Item Maintenance to Library: ALBRIGHT Class Scheme: SUDOCS Home Location: GOVDOCS and Item Type: GOVDOC.

8. Search for the title in Modify and add the item as usual using Call Number and Item Maintenance.