LCLS: CAP Manual: Database Management




        The Library Thing Export report will run on the fifth of every month. (NOTE: If you miss it, you can copy it and run it manually.) 


1.     Log into Workflows  and  invoke the MARC Export wizard.


2.     Check “Records selected on..." – make sure the right records are selected. It should be over 200,000 titles. If not, copy the Library Thing Export report and run it manually.


3. Save exported records: On client.


4. File name on client: Use the gadget to select a location on your hard drive for the file.  Name the file as follows:





5.     Click on Export.


6.  The export process begins and will take several minutes.  When export is complete, a word processing program on your PC will open with a brief report including number of records exported.  Make sure the number is correct. 



 Submitting the Records to LTFL


1.     Go to


2.     Sign in if you are not already. The User Name is: scrantonpl

3. Make these selections:

    File Format: MARC21

    Action: Replace All Items

    Character Encoding: Auto


Then, click on Next.





4. Under Chose a File to Upload, browse to the file and click on Begin File Upload. It make take awhile.