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Instructions for Marking Orders Cancelled

There are several reasons why you might cancel a line item including:

1. We never received the item.

2. The vendor is unable to ship the item.

3. The line item was created in error.


In addition, the Acquisitions Supervisor will, on the first of the month, receive the Orders 1 Year Old report listing orders that were never filled.


IMPORTANT: Before canceling an Automatically Yours title, check Baker & Taylor Title Source to see when the title will be published. If the title will not be published for several months, invoke the Modify Title wizard and add a 500 tag that says the following: NOT PUBLISHED UNTIL month year.

To cancel an Order Line:

1. Click the Modify Order wizard. The Item Lookup window appears.

2. Identify the outstanding order line by typing in the Order ID, Fiscal Cycle, and order line.

3. Click OK. The Modify Order window appears:


4. Double-click on the appropriate Order Line.


5. Click on the Segments tab.


6. Click on the Add a Cancellation button:



7. Select Fund ID.



8. Click on OK.


9. Select the appropriate Cancel Reason.


10. Click on Save Your Changes.


11. Delete record if needed.