NOTE: These instructions are for printing laser labels that were designed in the Label Designer Wizard. If you need to print dot matrix labels, see the Legacy Instructions.

1. Invoke the Label Designer wizard.


2. Highlight TS Pocket Labels and click on Modify.



3. Click on the Pocket Label to make it active.


4. Click on the date and then modify it in the Text field. IMPORTANT: There should always be an empty space before the date. If it is not there, use the space bar to add it. Click on Save when you are done.


5. Invoke the Finished Reports wizard.

6. NOTE: You will need to follow these instructions for the following reports if they have content:

    Labels Mix Labels (Laser)

    Labels New Law Library (Laser)

    Labels Edits Today (Laser)

    Labels Edits (Laser)

    Labels New (Laser)

Click on report you wish to print and then click on View.




7. When the Finished Reports: View Finished Report window appears, View Log should be unchecked and View Result and Format Report should be checked. Click on OK.




8. The Labels will appear. Check for problems. If there are no problems, proceed to Step 9.


9. Load label stock into the printer. Make sure to load enough label stock to accommodate all of the labels. Make sure the label stock is face down in the printer tray with the spine label to the left.


10. Go back to the computer and click on the Print button to print.




11. Select the Tech Services printer and click on OK to print.




 Printing Labels to a Partial Sheet

1.  Look at the sheet itself and determine location of the first usable label.




2. Follow steps 1-8 above.

3. When the labels appear on your screen, click on the label that corresponds to the first usable label on the sheet itself.




 4. Click on Start Printing at Selected Label.




5.  The labels will migrate.


6. Follow Steps 9-11 above.