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Instructions for Loading Orders


With this step, items go from being ‘On-order’ in the catalog to being actual copies owned by the libraries.  It is also where changes to call numbers can be made before labels are printed (e.g. Qs added etc.).  This step takes place after items have been received. 

    1. In Workflows, invoke Modify Title.


    2. Using a General Search, scan in the ISBN (HINT: For paperbacks check the inside front cover) and/or UPC symbol (HINT: Most useful for videos & cds).  


    3. If the title is retrieved, proceed to Step #4. If it is not retrieved, see instructions for Adding Titles from CatExpress.


    4. Check the 300 tag. If there is missing pagination, illustration, or dimension information, please add it per this example:

            426 p. :|bcol. ill., map ;c|29 cm.


 Check the 245 tag (title).  If the actual title is slightly different or a subtitle has been added or removed, edit to reflect the real item. (HINT: This occurs most often for prepub records.).

Delete the 500 tag (Automatically Yours only).

Check for 856 tags.  Delete "Publisher's descriptions," "Contributor's biographies," and "OCLC also" (on-order).  Keep Table of Contents links.
If the record is a "Brief Record,"  check OCLC for the full record. If you locate an OCLC record, export that record, edit the Symponny control number (o########) for overlay, and make sure Date cataloged is NEVER.   If OCLC still doesn't have a full record, verify that  the Brief record includes the ISBN, UPC, Music number (for cds & videos), and basic 300 tag info (i.e.; pagination, number of sound discs or videodiscs). Then, go to the Control tab and check the Record Format. Here are the correct assignments for the most popular formats:

                    MARC: Books

                    MUSIC: CD's

                    SERIAL: Periodicals and some reference books that are published regularly.

                    VM: VHS tapes and DVD's



    5. Click on Save when you are done editing the record.


6.     Open the Add Ordered Item to Catalog wizard. The title should appear as a hyperlink under Current.




 7. If the title you have searched has more than one order, a list of orders will appear.  Highlight the correct order by highlighting it (you may have to check the packing slip) and clicking on Continue.  You may then proceed with the next step.



8. Correct any missing prefixes (e.g.; Q, JUV, YOUNG ADULT).  Pay attention to the Order Number as this will communicate the ordering library and other important information. (Check the Naming Convention for Purchase Orders for details.) 




9. Check the Add Item checkbox and change the Date Received to TODAY.




10. Scan the barcode. The record will automatically update. Then, click Close.



11. In the Modify window, click on the Call Number/Item tab to double check that the item was added.  You may change the Call Number by clicking on the Call Number.


12. Click Return to Search to continue to the next title.