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Export/Import Overview


        We currently export new OCLC bibliographic records to the desktop of each TS PC. These files must be loaded into Symphony via the Marc Import wizard. Bibload reports must be run to load the imported files. Labels are generated overnight via the Labels New (Laser) reports. If needed, these procedures can be adjusted in various ways.  Any of these reports can be duplicated and run “ASAP” for special situations. 




1. Click on the MARC Import wizard under the MARC Wizards group.


2. Make sure MARC is selected under File Type.


3. In the Source field, use the gadget to select the desired file. It is usually on the desktop.

4. In the Destination field, type in the appropriate file name. It is usually:



However, it should be called serial.dat for serial records and govdoc.dat for government documents.




5. Click on Import.


6. When prompted "Is diskette ready?" answer Yes.


7. When prompted "Are there more fields to load?" answer No.

8.  Results will appear in a Word or Wordpad window.

**If you are not sure the file loaded, you can go into the Files to Load tab of the Marc Import wizard.  You can see what is in the file by clicking on View.


After the file is loaded, the file disappears from the Files to Load tab.




The exports are loaded daily via the appropriate BibloadCatXXX report. There is a separate report for each library. Here is how to schedule a BibloadCatXXX report:


1. Under the Reports group, go to the Scheduled New Reports wizard.


2. Go to the Templates tab.


3. Highlight the appropriate BibloadCatXXX report and click on Setup and Schedule.


4. Go to the Load tab and select the appropriate file under File to Load. There is usually no need to make other changes. 



After a report runs, please invoke the Finished Reports Wizard.  From here, you can check the status of a finished report. The Status should always be OK. If the Status is ERROR, there is a problem, and it should be investigated. You can also view and print reports from the Finished Reports wizard.





Labels are generated via the Labels reports.  The labels for new materials are generated overnight by the Labels New and Labels New (Laser) reports.  These reports look for items created the day before that are in locations INPROCESS, GOVDOCS, LACKAHIST or REF-THIRD and print the labels sorted by Item ID or, in the case of Labels Mix (Laser) reports, by call number. The reports include both exports and adds. They do not include edits unless the item was created the day before. Labels for edits are generated by the Labels Edits or Labels Edits (Laser) reports. These reports generate labels for items that were edited the day before and are in location INPROC-ED. For more information, see Printing Labels from Symphony.