LCLS: CAP Manual: Acquisitions:

Ordering and Receiving Northeast District Materials



1. The library will create orders in B&T Link. Tech Services will not accept Direct Orders or Gifts from a Northeast District customer. Participating libraries will be assigned a naming convention for naming orders / carts. B&T Link will retain the only record of the order.


2.  When the items are received, remove the items from their boxes and put them on the N truck keeping items on the same packing slip together. Northeast District items are always Tier 1. Alphabetize items by title keeping items in the same packing slip together.


3.   Check items against packing slips to make sure all of the shipped items are there. If items that have been shipped are missing, alert the Acquisitions Supervisor immediately. 


4.  Go to the folder entitled "Library Name Orders" and find the relevant list. Indicate if an item has been received and record the date. 


5.   Put the packing slip in the first item of the order.


6. Place a barcode on the top right-hand corner of the back of the book, about 1/8 away from the edges of the book.


7. Take any invoices that are with the items.  If there are two copies of the invoice, send one to the ordering library and give the other to the Acquisitions Supervisor.  If there is only one, copy the invoice and send the copy to the ordering library and give the original to the Acquisitions supervisor.


8. Go to any available computer, and open up the file named Ins&Outs: Ins It should be on the desktop, but if not it can be found on the Tech Services Share drive. (Go to the file Acq.mdb and go to the Forms tab and click on Ins.)


9. Fill in the appropriate fields truck number, total number of items with each order, vendor, library, and date received. Record additional information, such as "Rush" and other important directions, in the Notes field. Click on the forward arrow with the star to save your entry.


10. Fill in the truck tag (using the erasable marker) with the total number of items on it and the date received. Then, check off "Received."

11. Please the truck in its proper place in line.