LCLS: CAP Manual: Overview of CAP





          CAP (Centralized Acquisitions and Processing) is responsible for acquiring, cataloging, and processing all materials purchased by the Lackawanna County Library System.  CAP also catalogs library materials added to the libraries of specific community partners and, for a fee, libraries in the Northeast Library District. CAP is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the catalog via edits, discards, transfers, authority control, and the addition of special collections.  CAP works with Public Services and IT staff to make the catalog an optimal tool for accessing the LCLS collections and to fine-tune physical processing and ordering procedures. 




          Libraries are encouraged to make maximal use of CAP’s most efficient service, Tier One.  Tier One ordering is done through CAP: the library informs CAP of the items they wish to order and CAP orders the items. The items are shipped directly to CAP.   


          For Tier One ordering, orders are saved in carts on vendor websites and then transmitted by CAP according to an established schedule.  These materials must be billed to CAP.  These orders immediately appear in the catalog.  New titles are added as ON-ORDER and patrons can place holds on them before the order is received.


          Libraries have the option to place standing orders for all new works of selected popular authors via Baker & Taylor’s “Automatically Yours” program.  CAP is notified in advance of specific forthcoming titles and CAP forwards a copy to participating libraries.  These titles are added to the catalog as ON-ORDER with the “Automatically Yours” order information attached.  These materials are shipped and billed to CAP.  


          Direct orders placed with other vendors are shipped to the ordering libraries, but billed to CAP.  The ordering library receives the material and forwards it to CAP along with a completed Items Sent to Tech Services worksheet. Direct orders are considered Tier Two materials and are cataloged and processed in the order received.


            For all orders, the CAP Naming Convention for carts and purchase orders is mandatory. (See Naming Convention For All Purchase Orders And Carts.)


          Gifts are also considered Tier Two materials.  They are cataloged and processed in the order received and do not appear in the catalog until that time. During times of heavy Tier One ordering, temporary limitations may be placed on the number of gifts CAP will accept in a given month. When sending gift materials to CAP, the submitting library should include a completed Items Sent to Tech Services worksheet.




          CAP catalogs all materials in MARC format copying existing records from reputable sources wherever possible.  The term “Materials” includes many formats including digital files and websites.  Cataloging follows the current standards of AACR2, Dewey Decimal Classification, and Library of Congress subject headings with the exceptions of Government Documents, which receive SuDoc classification. and The Commonwealth Medical College (TCMC) materials which carry National Library of Medicine (NLM) classification. Brief records are created for ordered materials if full cataloging is not immediately available.  These brief records are replaced (overlaid) by full bibliographic records as soon as such records become available. 




        CAP creates and maintains control records and vendor records for serials received at the libraries. Libraries are responsible for maintaining their own subscriptions, checking in individual issues in Symphony, and processing the physical items.


Government Documents


        CAP catalogs and processes all government documents as Tier Two items.  CAP copies existing records from reputable sources wherever possible.  Brief records are created for documents if full cataloging is not immediately available.  These brief records are replaced by full bibliographic records as soon as such records become available. 


Database Maintenance


        CAP maintains the database for the library system.  CAP makes both individual and systematic corrections with cleanup projects as needed.  CAP continually investigates ways to monitor and maintain the integrity of the database.


Physical Processing


          CAP processes all materials ordered by system libraries.  Processing is uniform across libraries with some minor exceptions.




          CAP provides daily delivery for transporting materials between CAP and the community libraries / branches.  



Timeline – Receipt to Delivery


     The following is a timeline which lists the vendors and programs in each Tier of service and gives timetables for CAP to “turn around” (i.e.; catalog and physically process) the item after receiving it.





Business Days*


Orders from Ingram, Baker and Taylor,

AEC, Books on Tape, Recorded Books, Thorndike Press, Center Point Press, Landmark Audio, Continuations



Direct orders, gifts,

community partner materials,

Government Documents





Special projects



* IMPORTANT: This does not include delivery / shipping time, weekends, SPL holidays, and SPL half-holidays.


Member libraries:


          Scranton Public Library

                   Albright Memorial Library

Childrens Library


Library Express

Nancy K. Holmes Branch (formerly Green Ridge)

Abington Community Library

Carbondale Public Library

Dalton Community Library

North Pocono Public Library

Taylor Community Library

Valley Community Library


Community Partners:


Everhart Museum

Lackawanna Historical Society

The Commonwealth Medical College Library

Lackawanna County Law Library



Northeast District Customers:


None at this time






        Open communication is crucial to the successful operation of CAP. This includes communicating policy and procedural changes to libraries / branches, seeking input on proposed changes, and receiving and responding to suggestions for service improvements. This is facilitated through the lclslist Distribution List, quarterly Rodeo meetings, and quarterly meetings of the CAP Committee. The CAP Committee consists of the LCLS directors, the Head of Public Services at Albright, and key Tech Services personnel. Major policy changes recommended by the CAP Committee are submitted to the larger LCLS community by email for a 30 day comment period.


Customer Service contacts:


        The recommended method of contacting CAP is by sending an email to “TS Helpdesk.” You may also contact CAP by calling 207-2378. Below are the email addresses for specific staff members:


(All email addresses are


Department Supervisor: Scott Thomas Email: scott

Head Cataloger: Helen Weiss Email: hweiss

Acquisitions: Chris Ravaioli  Email: chrisr

Serials: Maureen DeMatteo Email: mdematteo