LCLS: CAP Manual:





        CAP seeks to apply physical processing in a manner that endows materials with the longest life possible and applies clear and consistent markings for shelving and browsing purposes.  CAP seeks to achieve this mission in the fastest possible time with the least number of errors.  To this end, processing standards and techniques are, whenever practical, applied in a uniform manner regardless of the library that actually owns the item in question. 




  • Spine Labels are produced and affixed by CAP for all items.



  • Barcodes are affixed by CAP in the upper right-hand corner of the back cover for books and in appropriate locations for other formats as described in this manual. NOTE: CAP does not apply barcodes to Northeast District items.



  • A label with the owning library's name, address, phone number, and URL will be applied beneath the title label on the inside of the title page. NOTE: This label is not applied to Northeast District items.



  • For protection, CAP laminates and attaches the dust jackets to hardbound books. CAP will ensure that all labels applied to books and other items are protected by sleeves or tape.


  • Scranton Genealogy, Local History, and Reference items receive a Checkpoint security square in addition to the strip.


  • Color Codes:


        CAP will affix the proper color code to material on bottom of spine label, as follows:













North Pocono






Branch Color Dot

Green Ridge



Blue (bar shape)


Color Dot Notes:

  • If the spine label is on the front cover rather than the spine, the dot should be placed on the spine at the very bottom. 

  • Compact discs do not receive these dots.


Processing Instructions by Format:



        When practical, CAP will attempt to mend of existing items that are in poor condition. CAP compares the cost / benefit of all such work against against alternatives such as repurchase.


Mending Instructions

  • CAP will perform mending on Albright and Children's books and other materials on the recommendation of the Head of Public Services.

  • CAP will order replacement pieces for lost or broken parts of talking books (e.g.; discs, tapes).  See Talking Book Replacement Instructions.

  • After the Head of Public Services collects 30 or more books for the bindery, CAP will send them to the bindery.


Bindery Info:

      Wert Bookbinding



30 titles are required for a bindery pick-up.  The wait time could be as long as six months.


The groupings of books have been:

  • Standard: The binder chooses the color, and the item is bound as published. The binding is printed with white lettering and standardized lettering.

  • Picture Cover: This is for softcover books. The binder copies the cover materials and pastes them to the front cover.

  • Phase Box: This is for rare books that are too delicate to be bound.

  • Custom Covers: We choose the color of cover and the color of the lettering


For the Picture Cover you are not required to submit a form with the book.  Put all Picture Cover candidates in a separate box and mark “Picture Covers.” 


For Standard binding, you must fill out a form. Write the title, author, and call number information exactly as you want it printed on the spine.  Please a checkmark in the "white lettering" box and make sure the name of the library is written in the proper box.  Follow the instructions on the form. Please two copies in the book and keep the white slip.


For Phase Box candidates, fill out the form as described in the preceding paragraph and, under Special Instructions, write "Phase Box."