LCLS: CAP Manual:

Quality Control


        Final quality control is a critical step in processing items.  It is the last point at which CAP handles the item, and it is the point at which any defects or errors must be caught.  CAP strives to continually update its quality control procedures so that libraries do not receive items with incomplete or erratic processing. It is at this stage wherein Item Type, Location, and other item-specific information are assigned.  It is also the step in which routing of the item (to the Owning Library or, the case of items with holds, Pickup Library) is determined and executed.




        Inter-library Loan makes two deliveries per day to all libraries from CAP.  Newly added items will be sent from CAP to libraries in locked gray bins (or in red zippered pouches, depending on quantity) as soon as they are ready.  When there are holds on items, they are send directly to the Pickup Library. In these cases, “New Book” tape is are affixed by CAP so that the owning library will recognize that the item is new when they finally receive it.  CAP will endeavor to orchestrate outflow so items are transported to the destination libraries as quickly as possible following the completion of their processing.  CAP will periodically provide reports of outstanding transported items so that investigative work can be done to determine the location of these items.