LCLS: CAP Manual: Cataloging:



        When an Order needs to be created, print the order from the vendor's web site or other source. It normally contains a list of titles, authors, ISBNs and prices, and a total price for the order.




        The first step in creating an order is to search for the desired titles in the catalog to determine if the title was cataloged previously. To accomplish this, invoke the Item Search wizard. Use the General index and search for ISBN:




If the search produces a Browse Screen, this indicates the title is not in the catalog. You will then need to export the title. If a record is retrieved, this indicates that the title is indeed in the catalog and should be crossed off the vendor's list. 



When you are done searching Symphony for titles on the order list and all found titles have been checked off, please export records for the titles not found.





1. Open Cat Express

2. Follow the instructions for Adding titles from Cat Express.

3.  As you export each title, mark it with the Dewey number on the vendor list.

4.  Mark any title you are unable to find with a BR for Brief Record

5.  When importing into Symphony, follow MARC Import instructions. You will need to import it using the BibloadCATonorder report.


6. Once the report runs, search for the imported titles using the Modify title wizard.

7. In Bibliographic tab, remove any eBook references in the 020 tag. In the 856 tag, remove the publisher description and the cover description if they exist.

8. Go the the Call Number tab and edit the Call Number as needed.


9.When done searching and exporting, all the titles on the vendor order sheet should be marked with either with the Call Number or, if appropriate, BR.


10. Once Searching and Exporting is done, the order can be created.