LCLS: CAP Manual:





CAP is responsible for maintaining serials control records for all subscriptions in the Lackawanna County Library System. Community libraries are responsible for checking in individual issues. CAP will check in issues for Scranton agencies only. CAP's goal is to ensure the accuracy of subscription information and to present clear and up-to-date holdings information in the public catalog. CAP is also responsible for updating our holdings in shared databases.






All serials received by LCLS libraries are represented by a bibliographic record in the catalog.  This includes print serials and electronic serials.  Print serial records contain holdings information for all libraries.


Circulating copies of print periodicals are barcoded and the specific issues entered into the catalog.  They are attached to the bibliographic record for that title. 


“Serials” (for CAP purposes) include Reference periodicals, newspapers, circulating magazines that are received monthly, weekly, or daily, and select electronic-only publications. Titles that are received quarterly, semi-annually, or annually are considered “Continuations.”


The Serials Coordinator maintains subscriptions, checks in, and claims missing issues for all Scranton agenciesThe community libraries manage their own subscriptions, check-ins, and claims.


Each serial title has a linked “control record” which is always maintained by the Serials Coordinator. The control record includes title and subscription information, a calendar pattern which determines when issues are expected, and special instructions/notes about vendors, subscriptions, and special handling.


Agencies that check in serials must communicate with the Serials Coordinator whenever there are checkin problems. These issues may include, but are not limited to, lack of a control record or incorrect predictions.



Reference Titles


Reference periodicals and newspapers are non-circulating, do not receive barcodes, and do not appear as separate “copies” in Unicorn.  There will be one generic copy with an Item Type of MAGAZINE-RE and a Location of PERIODICAL.  The bibliographic record includes dates of the last three issues received.  “Textual holdings” information summarizes holding ranges of paper copies, microfilm, microfiche, and also database availability if applicable.  If the title has changed, there will also be a reference to the former title or the current title.




Adult Circulating Titles and Teen Collection


Titles that circulate will have copies for each issue attached to the title record.  Each copy has a call number constructed as in this example: MAGAZINE MARTHA 2008. This denotes the March 2008 issue of Martha Stewart Living. Title records for circulation-only magazines do not contain the Latest Issues field.




                                                                Titles with Both Reference and Circulating Copies


When a given title has both reference only and circulating copies, the display is more complicated.  The Latest Issues field appears, but individual circulating copies are also attached. The textual holdings reflect information on both reference and circulation holdings.





                                                                            Children's Titles


Juvenile magazines will have copies for each issue attached to the title record.  Each copy is assigned a call number that is constructed as in this example: JUV MAGAZINE NICKELODEON MAR 2008. This denotes the March 2008 issue of Nickelodeon Magazine. For children's circulating titles, the Latest Issues field is not populated.