LCLS: CAP Manual: Physical Processing:

Instructions for Talking Book Replacements


1.     Determine which tapes or CDs need replacing.This will usually be on a post-it on the front of the container. If it is the final (barcoded) piece that needs replacing, the barcode will be rubber-banded to the outside of the case.

2.     Call the appropriate publisher as listed below.The publisher can usually be found on the back label of the container or on the tapes/CDs themselves.You may need the recording number or ISBN. This can be found on the spine of the container or on the individual tapes/CDs.

3.     Mark the order date and confirmation number on a post-it note and put it on the container.

4.     Place the talking book with the rest of the talking books awaiting replacements.

5.     When the replacement tapes/CDs arrive, match them up with the correct talking books and perform any required processing.

6. Go into Edit Item and scroll down to Extended Information under the Call Number / Item tab.

7. In CIRCNOTE, enter a note describing the replacement and containing the date and your initials (e.g.; Replaced tape / disc 3. 3/1/09 CR).




8. Click on Save.

9. Use Check Item Status to send Intransit to the Owning Library.

Contact information for Publishers


        Audio Adventures / Landmark Audiobooks

200 Skipjack Road

Prince Frederick, MD 20678


*Acct. #3985


        Audio Book Contractors

P.O. Box 40115

Washington, DC 20016

(202) 363-3429


        Audio Editions


*$8 + shipping


        Audio Forum

96 Broad Street

Guilford, CT06473


*send requests in writing

*$6 per tape, prepaid


        Audio Literature

*fax requests to (650) 583-9700

*$8 + $2 shipping


        Audio Partners



        Audio Renaissance Tapes

5858 Wilshire Blvd.

Suite 200

Los Angeles, CA90036


*no charge for replacements

*20% Discount

*Acct. #: 130061


        BBC Audiobooks America

42 Whitecap Drive

North Kingstown, RI 02852-7445


*Acct. # 5709


        BBD/Bantam Doubleday Dell Audio Publishing


(see Random House)


        Blackstone Audio Replacement Tapes


        Books in Motion

E. 9219 Montgomery

Suite 501

Spokane, WA99206



        Books on Tape / Random House Inc.

P.O. Box 223384

Pittsburgh, PA15251-2384


Acct. Rep: Tina Deniker x3858


*Adult Acct. # 9039000001

 *Juv Acct. # 9039000002

         Brilliance Audio



* Library Edition: Will replace tapes at no charge (30% discount)


        Chivers North American

(see BBC)


        Chivers Press Pub. Ltd.

(see Chivers North American)


        Clipper Audio

(see Recorded Books)


        Classic Books on Cassettes

P.O. Box 40115

Washington DC20016-0115

(202) 363-3429


        Commuters Library Book CDs


*$7 per tape


        Crimson Dagger Audio

(see Chivers North American)


        Dove Audio

(see Penguin USA)


        Dual Dolphin Publishers

475 Washington Street

Wrentham, MA02093


(see also ISIS Audio Books)


        Educational Record Center

     3233 Burnt Mill Drive, Suite 100

     Wilmington, NC 28403-2698


     Fax 1-888-438-1637

     *Acct. #: 108522-2


        Harper Collins


     *Acct #: 510319

* Replacement tapes n/c


        ISIS Audio Books

P.O. Box 195758

Winter Springs, FL32719-5758

(407) 696-5566


(see also Dual Dolphin Publishers)


        New Audio Library/NAL/Dutton

(see Penguin USA)


        Nilgiri Press (Division of Thomas Nelson)

P.O. Box 259

Tomales, CA94971



        NTC Publishing Group

Teach Yourself

4255 W. Touchy Avenue

Lincolnwood, IL60646-1975

(847) 679-4900


*Acct. # 7352051000


        Oasis Audio Books

(see Dual Dolphin Publishers)


        Passport Books

(see NTC Publishing Group)


        Penguin Highbridge

Westgate Drive

Saint Paul, MN55114



        Penguin USA

120 Woodbine Street

P.O. Box 999

Bergenfield, NJ  07621


*$8, prepaid

*Fax 1-800-227-9604 to place order.


        Random House

E. 50th Street, 2nd Floor

New York, NY10022



        Recorded Books

270 Skipjack Road

Prince Frederick, MD20678


*Acct. # 277842

*Acct. Rep: Pam Ext. 1191


        Readerís Chair

860 Chappell Road

Hollister, CA95023


*Acct. # 0114971

*$6 per tape


        Rhino Direct



        Time Warner Bookmark







Will Not Send Replacements:


        Audio File

        Audio Scholar

        Audio Press

        Ban Tan Audio Publishers

        G.K. Hall & Company

        HarperCollins Publishers

        Houghton Mifflin


        Mariner Books

        Mindís Eye

       Parabola Press

       Penguin USA

        Penton Publishing

        Putnam and Berkley

        Simon and Schuster

        Word Publishing